As one of the easiest casino games of all time, slots attract millions of recreational gamblers with the promise of quick and lucrative payouts. In fact, this type of game is easy to learn and play because it relies entirely on luck. There is nothing that players can do to affect the outcome of the reels spinning. Seasoned slot fans know better, however. Slot machines are one of the most dynamic games that can be played in online or land-based casinos. Sure, you could potentially get a massive payout, but you could also be losing money at a shockingly rapid pace.

While the outcome is indeed determined by chance, players have a better chance of ending their betting session with a profit as long as they make informed decisions when choosing a slot. Some things need to be included in the equation. This includes the house edge and the slot’s average return, its payouts and volatility.

Random number generators and house edge in online slots

The sequence usually begins with a so-called start number. Subsequent random numbers are generated on the basis of this starting value using an algorithm with which only the programmer of the RNG is familiar. The number sequences are indeed long, as they often consist of over 200,000 digits. Each subsequent number in the sequence is used to generate another number which itself becomes the starting value. This process will continue even if no one is around to play the slot.

When the player presses the spin button, the reels start spinning on the screen, but the outcome has already been predetermined by the RNG. Whether you win or lose practically only depends on which sequence of numbers was created at the moment you pressed the button.

Online slot machines and player return percentages

The average return depends on the slot title and the software developer who supplied the game to the casino. The payout percentages usually vary between 86% and 99.9%. The higher the coin value of a particular slot, the higher its average payout percentage. Slots with smaller coin denominations are usually on the lower end of the scale. That said, players should probably stay away from gaming.

The house edge in slots would be nearly impossible to calculate with formulas, especially by the average player. The good news is that it is directly related to the average percentage of player earnings, which allows players to calculate the casino’s built-in edge without necessarily being mathematical geniuses.

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